Physical Education

Our goal is to introduce and teach fundamental physical skills and help our young students develop healthy lifelong habits. As with academics, physical development is a series of building blocks. By gaining early success in basic physical skills, children will have the confidence to participate and succeed in future activities.

Through sport and fitness participation, children can develop a feeling of respect for their minds and bodies. Research shows that regular exercise improves the mental state of children, help reduce the risk of depression and helps combat anxiety. In addition, physically active children perform better academically. The benefits are countless.

Our physical education curriculum is ageappropriate and geared to your child’s physical development level. We are able to reinforce academic learning concepts such as number and letter recognition, pattern sequencing, and math skills, as well as social, language and cooperative skills, all while playing active games. We focus on fun. We emphasize the value of participation and cooperative team spirit rather than the competitive nature of sports.

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