Alliance for a Healthier Generation
Help Children Make the Right Choices. The best way to make your children healthier is to help THEM take charge of their own health. You can influence what they eat, where they eat, and encourage them to play an d exercise more. You may not be able to control everything, but by making healthy choices when and where you can, you’ll gradually see some positive changes. - Children and Exercise
This section contains links to American Heart Association Programs, Heart & Stroke Encyclopedia entries and Scientific Statements related to children and exercise.

Dole 5 A Day
The “5 A Day for Better Health Program” is a national program to encourage all Americans to eat 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day for good health. Check out the great kid's cookbook
Our Get Kids Moving campaign mission is to instill in the minds of the greater community that a healthy lifestyle, complete with exercise begins as young as a child can get. - Fitness and Exercise Guide
An increasing number of children are obese, and if no intervention is made, 80% of them will stay overweight as adults.

Milk Matters
The games and activities on this page will help you to learn more about calcium, and why it’s important for strong bones and healthy teeth. You’ll also find out how much calcium you need every day, and what foods you can eat to get calcium.

Moms with Muscle
A BRING ALONG YOUR BABY BOOT CAMP! Moms with Muscle is a fitness program that encourages mothers to participate in cardiovascular and resistance training exercise (through the use of resistance tubes) with their infants and or toddlers in the stroller. The mother/child interaction ensures the children have fun while mom gets a good work out.

Music For Little People
A world of music where imagination and inspiration come alive!

Plymouth, MA Recreation Department
Classes and Activites offered by the Town of Plymouth, MA Recreation Department.